About Sarah

Hi! I'm Sarah and I have been making needlework kits for the past 5 years. It doesn't matter if it is felt applique or cross stitch. I have tried all sorts of craft kits. When I'm not making craft kits, you can find me online writing about my experience making crafts on BritishPandachick and The Original BritishPandaChick. You can even find me on Instagram posting pictures of the progress I'm making other craft projects.

My Story with Craft Kits

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While I might be a rock star when it comes to sewing, it wasn't always the case. Home Economics as one of the electives students were required to take in middle school. Sewing was half of the course where everyone had to make a gym bag and hand sew a doll for charity. This portion of the class was always a challenge for me and I found myself spending more time with the seam ripper than the sewing machine whenever I went to class.

Ultimately my gym bag got a C. My teacher most likely gave me a passing grade from my effort with my project and the fact I didn't sew my fingers to the sewing machine when I did get a chance to use it. Even my grandma (who was an amazing sewer) was amazed I got a C when she saw my project. She often helped me with my sewing projects when I used her sewing machine to finish my project before the deadline and would often chuckle when she saw what I was working on.

The years of Home Economics and making crooked stitches on the sewing machine didn't make me fall in love with sewing. It took a flood in 2012 for me to discover the world of craft kits and get a better appreciation of sewing. During the summer of 2012, the large amount of rainfall caused the creek behind my house to overflow. My basement flooded and we lost lots of mementos including our family tree skirt we use for the Christmas tree every year. My mom decided that it was time to make a better one to replace the one we lost in the flood.

It took months of searching but eventually she found a tree skirt she liked off Amazon. My mom did lots of craft kits when she was younger and told me how she used to make stockings for my cousins. She was originally planning on making the tree skirt herself, but she wasn't able to find time to do it. As the holidays came closer, she suggested I make it instead. I thought she was crazy because of my past projects I made in Home Economics. However she told me to try and just follow the directions if I got stuck.

So I started working on the tree skirt. It took lots of time and beads, but I managed to make the tree skirt before the holidays. As I was making the tree skirt, I fell in love with the process. I became much more comfortable at sewing and realized I was enjoying something I never thought I would be good of. The tree skirt isn't perfect, but I was very proud of what I made when I finished.

After the tree skirt, I started making more craft kits and started exploring more kinds of crafts. Today I've expanded beyond the world of felt applique kits to embroidery, cross stich, origami, and even beadwork. I've even dabbled in a bit of crochet. Although coding does take most of time these days, I still find time to make crafts and try different patterns. Making crafts is my way of taking a break and clearing my head so I can approach a web design or bug in my code with fresh eyes. Eventually some day I would like to open my own Etsy shop where I can sell all my crafts.

The Birth of Needlework Kit Reviews

As I started exploring the world of craft kits, I often read the reviews on craft kits to see what other people thought about the kits. These reviews were ok, but they didn't have a lot of detail. Most reviews talked about how much they liked the kit's design and how much they love making these kits. None of the reviews talked about the process they went through making the kit and what potential crafters needed to look out for when they made these kits.

When I started my blog The Original BritishPandaChick in 2015, I knew I wanted to write about my experience making these craft kits because I wanted to create thorough reviews to help people at any level know exactly what they are getting into when they make these kits. I wanted my readers to know everything that happened as I made these kits. Nothing is off limits! I talk about the things I like, struggled with, and even hated as I put together these craft kits. My hope was that those making those kits would know what to look out for when they made this kit and what they could do to make this kit unique to their personal tastes.

I posted a few craft kit reviews on my blog once I close to finishing a craft kit I was working on. The craft kit reviews quickly became some of the most popular blog posts on my blog and on social media. Whenever I posted pictures of my progress on Instagram, people loved the pictures. Some of the comments were asking me questions about the kits I was working on. All this feedback was helpful in expanding my reviews with content people wanted to know as they made these kits themselves.

What We Are All About

Needlework Kits may have originally started on The Original BritishPandaChick, but the purpose remains the same. My goal is to provide thoughtful reviews which show you exactly what happens when you make this kit. I show you everything I encountered making these kits and give you advice on what you can do to have the best experience with this kit.

These reviews won't just help you be better at making these kits. These reviews will let you know which kits are the right ones for your skill level and how you can modify specific kits to fit your skill level. Most importantly this website is a place where you can get answers to these craft kits. Just leave your questions in the comments and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Happy Crafting!