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Bucilla Haunted House Wall Hanging Sewing Craft Kit

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In October 2015, I made a haunted house wall hanging from a Bucilla felt craft kit. This was my first Halloween craft kit and wall hanging I made. Most of the craft kits I did up to that point were holiday kits. When I was looking for new kits to do this year, I found this kit and decided to try this kit for a change.

At the time, Bucilla puts most of their attention on holiday kits and only offered a few Halloween theme sewing kits. Although I didn't find too many new holiday kits to try, I decided to venture to another holiday and try this kit. It was one of the newer kits they were offering that year. I started working on this kit at the end of August and worked non-stop on this kit in order to get it done by Halloween.

First Impressions

When I reviewed the Witch's Brew Wreath, I talked about how rushed I have been with Halloween kits. This is the very kit I was talking about. I bought this kit in July, but I wasn't able to start it until the end of August since I was working through another craft kit at the time. It was important for me to finish the haunted house by Halloween that year. I wanted people to enjoy the wall hanging while it was still October. It didn't make sense to finish a Halloween decoration by the end of October when the holiday was over.
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This is my favorite Halloween craft kit design I've seen so far. The person who designed this craft kit deserves a raise since this person clearly understood what a Halloween kit should look like. Great craft kits are able to create individual scenes once all the elements are finished that capture a specific theme or mood. That is the greatest strength when I look at this kit. It doesn't matter if it is the house or the ornaments. Every element comes together to create a spooky scene fit for Halloween.

The factor which made me decide to buy the kit were the ornaments. The ornaments are so adorable! My favorite ornaments were the pumpkins. The pumpkins reminded me of my own Halloween memories as a kid and got me in the festive mood. Bucilla markets this sewing kit as a wall hanging, but they should have marketed this kit as a Halloween advent calendar. If you have kids, it is a great way of counting down to Halloween.

Important Facts about Haunted House Sewing Kit

Once you finish the haunted house, it will be about 18 x 18 inches. You will be making this sewing craft kit in two parts. First you'll be making the haunted house itself. Next, you'll be tackling the ornaments. There are 31 ornaments total. Inside the kit, you will find:
  • all the felt needed for the project. Bucilla is nice by stamping all the pieces on the felt with numbers and marks for the sequins.
  • sequins
  • thread
  • two needles
  • directions and diagram
You will still need to buy extra supplies to make this kit. Extra materials include poster board, polyster fiber fill, scissors, pen/pencil, and pins if you like to hold specific pieces of felt in place.

I also recommend using paper plates, an old make up bag, and a plastic grocery bag. The plastic bag is a great way to keep your trash as you work while the paper plates keep your sequins and beads organized. When I work with ornaments, I like to use an extra make up bag to keep my ornaments in a safe space so I don't lose them.

Where can I buy this kit?

When I look for kits, there are three places that I look. My favorite and often go to place to get craft kits is Amazon. Amazon has a good selection of sewing craft kits like this one available. This is where I bought this kit when it was released in 2015.

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There are two great places you can also check to find this kit. If I didn't buy this kit from Amazon, I would definitely check Merry Stockings next. Merry Stockings is an online retailer which specializes just in sewing craft kits like this one. They often work closely with Bucilla so they often get the newest kits before everyone else.

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Finally, there is Plaid Online. Plaid Online produces all the Bucilla kits and sell them on their online shop for any holiday. If all else fails, you can google to see other retailers that sell this kit online.

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I just ran out of supplies. What is the next step? 

If you buy this kit, you are able to get refills on any of the supplies you need. You just need to send an e-mail to Plaid Online letting them know what supplies you ran out of and need more of. All you need to do is let them know your kit number from the front of the package, where you bought the kit, and what your mailing address is. A customer service rep will often reach out to you in a day or two to let you know they got your request. By the end of the week, you should get an envelope with your extra supplies.

Before you reach out to Plaid Online, I recommend trying to use any leftover supplies you have from other craft kits if possible. When I am running low on supplies, I will try to dip into my leftover sequins and beads I've gotten from other craft kits. Once you are finished with any of the sewing craft kits, always save your materials! You never know when you'll need extra beads for other projects you do.

Put Everything Together

Before you tackle this kit, you should stop and check out the directions just to get yourself familiar with the steps and especially the key for the diagram. The directions don't just include a key for the stitches and sequins. There is even a guide which shows crafters how to do each of the stitches needed for this kit. They aren't the best pictures since they can be unclear about the directions, but you can look them over to see what they suggest. I recommend watching tutorials on YouTube or visiting the Merry Stockings blog if you need help with any of the stitches.

Once you looked at the directions, spend a little extra time looking over the diagram. The diagram for this sewing craft kit is a little harder to understand because the symbols are too similar to each other and harder to see. As look at the diagram, consult the packaging image as you go since it will help clarify what you are suppose to do. As you look at the diagram and identify stitches, I suggest writing down that stitch and color for different symbols. Writing down what these symbols mean will make it easier for you as work on this kit.

Haunted House

The haunted house base might sound easy to make at first. This is a wall hanging so I thought was mostly adding elements to the purple house felt base and adding stuffing to the trees, but this is where I had the most problems during the kit. The biggest challenge was working with the poster board as stuffing for the fence posts. Once you trace one of the pieces on the poster board, it has to be sewn between the front and back pieces of the fence.

It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The pieces I traced on the poster board did not fit at all between the pieces. I had to spend time adjusting the size of the poster board middle just so it would fit inside the two pieces. Finding the right size wasn't just the only problem. Sewing the pieces together with poster board in the middle was a lot more difficult than I realized it would be. At first it isn't too bad using the applique stitch around the pieces. However it gets harder to close the two pieces as you get closer to being finished. The position of the poster board changes or gets bent the more you work on it.

I don't recommend scraping the poster board at all. It does help keep the fence posts from falling over once it is lying flat. This is very important since some of the ornaments do have sequins hanging off the fence pieces since the extra weight of a stuffed ornament would cause it to fall over. My advice is to play with the poster board middle in between the front and back pieces of each part of the fence then cut the poster board to be smaller. You will want to find a balance of being able to fit inside the fence pieces but not too near the edge so you can sew the pieces closed.

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The fence posts weren't the only problem. The designers of this craft kit didn't do a good job figuring out the right position of every element on the house. The house is made up of several pieces which are sewn onto the wreath. Normally most of the pieces will fit right places as each element is added. That wasn't the case with this kit.

Certain parts of the house didn't want to fit properly no matter what I did. This is can been seen with the bottom of the roof not fitting between the two purple sections of the house. I ultimately folded the white felt piece underneath a bit so everything fit. If I didn't do this, a large amount of white felt from the back would show. My attempt to fix the problem did give some puckering to the bottom of the roof, but a huge white gap isn't what was shown on the diagram.

When you get to any section that doesn't fit like the roof and the walls of the house not fitting, don't be afraid to leave white gaps. The white gaps might not be on the original packaging, but it would have been easier than trying to fold felt and sew these sections together. Besides the white gaps might add to the spooky feel of the house and show it is a lot older haunted house than it appears.

31 Ornaments of Halloween

I didn't quite the follow the directions for this kit and actually started with the ornaments before the actual house. Since I was rushed for time and didn't have poster board, I decided to skip ahead and start working on the ornaments. Within a couple of days, I was able to get almost half of the ornaments done when I finally got my poster board for the kit and made the switch back to the haunted house.

Before you start sewing any of the ornaments, make all your cording first! Doing this ahead of time will save you time later down the road. The directions want crafters to use 3 inches of thread to make one cord for each of the ornaments, but I recommend newbies go up half an inch or an inch. This will make it a lot easier making the loops for the cording. My loops are never perfect when I make ornaments and they are all over place with different sizes. However I'm happy with the loops I made because all my cords stay in place which is more important than the size of my loops.

The one thing you don't want to do with the ornaments is add way too much stuffing. Remember your ornaments will be hanging off the purple sequins of the haunted house. This extra weight will pull on those sequins and beads even if you made sure your sequins are secured extra tight. When I hang the ornaments on my house, some of them will fall off the sequins. If you aren't interested in hanging individual ornaments on the house, you can skip all the cording completely and just sew everything onto the house.


Bucilla Haunted House wall hanging needlecraft kit is a great kit for the Halloween season. There were the minor hiccups with the haunted house and working with the poster board for the fence posts, but overall it was good kit to make. I was so pressed for time that I wasn't able to enjoy this kit as much as I wanted, but I would have enjoyed making this kit if I went at a slower pace. The finished wall hanging is a perfect Halloween decoration for your home. If you wish there was an advent calendar for Halloween, you should make this kit. Kids will definitely enjoy putting ornaments on the house and tree just like the ones they see during the holidays.

Are there any needlecraft kits you would like to see me try? Let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to make them.


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